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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

How I'm preparing for a book launch.

Hello, everyone.

So far, preparations for the book launch have been draining, but worth it so far. Here's the list of goals I set out to accomplish for Chill Run.

1. Enlist over100 book bloggers/reviewers to review Chill Run.
2. Make at least three internet radio shows appearances.
3. Get enough sponsors to help me cover the expenses related to production, editing, and promotion.
4. Create an attractive ad banner.
5. Do a local book signing.
6. Try to get over 100 people to "Like" my Facebook page.
7. Send out Press Releases.

The results so far.

1. I have 52 bloggers with copies of Chill Run (five of them will receive paperback editions).
2. I'll be on three internet radio shows and one YouTube show.
3. I have one sponsor.
4. Ad banner received positive reviews. It's the first thing you see when you visit
5. Still working on the book signing.
6. As of now I have 94 people who've liked my Facebook page.
7. Press Release is already written and will be sent close to the book launch date. My media kit is done and is on my website. 

Have you ever worked on a publicity campaign? What are some of the goals that you set out to do? What have you done differently that has helped you?

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