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Monday, May 19, 2014

The Demeter Code: Episodes 1 and 2

Check out the first two episodes of The Demeter Code. If you're looking forward to episode 3, please share this blog.

The Demeter Code, the fourth thriller by Russell Brooks, will be available on July 4, 2014. Visit for details.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

3D Printing. Once Science Fiction, Now Science Fact.

This is possibly one of the most innovative creations in recent history. I remember watching MISSION IMPOSSIBLE and seeing the face mask being created and thinking, "That's Science Fiction."

Today, what was once science fiction is now science fact. We can say that we're one step closer to the REPLICATOR technology seen on Star Trek. On the other hand, we can also expect governments will have to modify our laws in order to regulate what can and cannot be made.

As seen in the video there are positive uses for 3D printing, such as creating body parts for transplant or for other medical uses. Imagine needing a new kidney or a new heart and not having to be put on a waiting list. Imagine how this would revolutionize the manufacturing industry, where metals, parts, maybe clothes, etc. would no longer have to be created and imported from China or Taiwan. We'd be able to manufacture items much cheaper here in Canada and in the USA. As a result, companies that were once closed and outsourced overseas would once reopen, and thus creating jobs. 

Although nanotechnology exists, are we much further from printing billions of nanobots that we can program and then inject into our bloodstream for the purpose of targeting cancer cells or even the HIV/AIDS virus and eradicate them?

Then again, there are negative sides to this technology. People could use it to create weapons for illicit uses. 

If you could afford one of these machines, what would you print? I'd start with with something simple, such as a new pair of glasses, lol.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Canadian Thriller Author, Russell Brooks, and American Composer, Jeremy Vajko, Collaborating on Spy/Thriller Sequel.

Russell Brooks—the author of two thrillers and a short story anthology—is pleased to announce that he’ll be working with Jeremy Vajko to produce a serialized seven-part audio excerpt of his upcoming thriller, THE DEMETER CODE, coming July 4, 2014.

Montreal, Qc (24-7PressRelease) May 14, 2014—Canadian thriller author, Russell Brooks, has found an innovative way to promote his upcoming spy/thriller, The Demeter Code. He’ll perform serialized dramatic readings of the first three chapters with a music scor

e composed by Jeremy Vajko. Brooks’s other works in the same series include, Pandora’s Succession and Unsavory Delicacies. His previous thriller, Chill Run, is a standalone. The first episode will debut on May xx, 2014 via with subsequent episodes every Monday.

Rather than hire an actor, Brooks performed the dramatic reading while Vajko provided the score. The end result: A compelling story that’s not only worthy of the attention of thriller fans, but also Hollywood studios who are looking for the next blockbuster. The first episode will debut on May xx, 2014 via Brooks’s website, with the other excerpts following every Monday over a seven-week period, enticing readers while they wait for the July 4, 2014 release date.

[Brooks] is an example of a writer who has not waited for opportunities to come to him but rather took the bull by its horns. Literary agents, you might want to take a look at this writer. He is worthy of notice.” –Jeff Rivera, Galleycat.

Book Synopsis

When two American embassies in northeast Africa are bombed, CIA operatives, Ridley Fox and Nita Parris, are assigned to track down the perpetrators. However, when their top asset is killed in a failed op, the agents suspect that there may be a new threat. Their search for the truth puts them on a collision course with a powerful multinational—which will go to extreme lengths to bury its criminal activities. However, the agents soon learn that someone with a personal vendetta against that company not only knows their secrets, but will expose them in a way that could result in the largest single-day attack against America.

About Russell Brooks and Jeremy Vajko

Prior to becoming an author, Russell Brooks graduated from Indiana University in Bloomington, IN, with a BS in biology and a minor in psychology. He’s also an All Big Ten Track and Field sprinter over the 100 and 200 meters. Additionally, Brooks was on the Canadian Track and Field team for the 1999 World University Games and the Jeux de la Francophonie in 1997 and 2001. Furthermore, he has 13 years of experience in the health insurance industry. He used his background in science in order to come up with the subject matter for PANDORA’S SUCCESSION while using his experience in insurance to write CHILL RUN. He currently lives in Montreal, Quebec.

Jeremy Vajko is an up and coming freelance composer from Boise, Idaho, who has composed numerous tracks for film, video games, and multimedia. He has been composing for over a decade—specializing mostly in orchestral music. Vajko has a love for other styles which range from Piano, Rock, and even Hip Hop. For more information on Jeremy Vajko, visit

To hear the excerpts, visit and join the mailing list. 

Monday, May 12, 2014

Monday, May 5, 2014

The Demeter Code Trailer 2

I can't tell you what happens, but I can give you a little teaser. Please share

The spy/thriller, THE DEMETER CODE by Russell Brooks, will be released July 4, 2014. Visit and sign up to the mailing list to learn about contest details.