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Saturday, May 17, 2014

3D Printing. Once Science Fiction, Now Science Fact.

This is possibly one of the most innovative creations in recent history. I remember watching MISSION IMPOSSIBLE and seeing the face mask being created and thinking, "That's Science Fiction."

Today, what was once science fiction is now science fact. We can say that we're one step closer to the REPLICATOR technology seen on Star Trek. On the other hand, we can also expect governments will have to modify our laws in order to regulate what can and cannot be made.

As seen in the video there are positive uses for 3D printing, such as creating body parts for transplant or for other medical uses. Imagine needing a new kidney or a new heart and not having to be put on a waiting list. Imagine how this would revolutionize the manufacturing industry, where metals, parts, maybe clothes, etc. would no longer have to be created and imported from China or Taiwan. We'd be able to manufacture items much cheaper here in Canada and in the USA. As a result, companies that were once closed and outsourced overseas would once reopen, and thus creating jobs. 

Although nanotechnology exists, are we much further from printing billions of nanobots that we can program and then inject into our bloodstream for the purpose of targeting cancer cells or even the HIV/AIDS virus and eradicate them?

Then again, there are negative sides to this technology. People could use it to create weapons for illicit uses. 

If you could afford one of these machines, what would you print? I'd start with with something simple, such as a new pair of glasses, lol.

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