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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Lancelot's Lady: Book Review

Last October 2010 I hosted Ms D’Angelo on her virtual book tour for Lacelot’s Lady. For those that watched my dramatic reading of an excerpt for the book, they would’ve seen how much I was into the story. Reading the entire book was something that I had promised myself to do—and I was not disappointed. Lancelot’s Lady followed the experiences of troubled palliative care nurse, Rihanna McLeod, from the moment that she met the ailing tycoon, JT Lance, to when she was sent on vacation to a secluded island in the Bahamas, where she met Jonathan—a miserable, but well-off loner and owner of his own island. There was a bit of Christopher Plummer/Julie Andrews situation in the beginning of their relationship (If you watched The Sound of Music then you’d know what I’m talking about), but it ended well. Many questions were brought up in the beginning and they were all answered at the very end.

The sleazy private investigator was a nice touch, although I would’ve hated him more had he been introduced a bit earlier in the story.

I’m not big on romance novels, but the characters in Lancelot’s Lady were so well developed with their own flaws that the story held my interest from the beginning straight through to the end.

4 Stars

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