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Monday, November 5, 2012

So Amazon wants to delete my review. I guess it doesn't help being an author.

Dear Amazon.

I appreciate everything you've done for Indie Authors. Your courage in taking the bull by the horns has helped to take a huge chunk of power from the dictators who've been running the publishing industry for decades, and given us authors a chance to get our work into the hands of readers. Furthermore, you've helped readers also because they now have more choice.

However I must question your latest move, which is clearly in response to the Sockpocket phenomena which has plagued the industry. How will this make a difference? You want to delete reviews written by other authors, however you'll leave negative reviews from people who've clearly not even read our books. Earlier this year I even wrote to you to complain about a reviewer who flagrantly gave away several major plot spoilers of one of my novels. However, you refused to delete that review knowing full well that it would negatively affect my sales. Fortunately I have many loyal fans who've willingly bombarded that reviewer with enough complaints that she removed the review.

You've done wonderful things to help out Indie Authors when you introduced kindle and KDP Select, but this latest decision clearly requires more thought. Authors who've enjoyed reading my novels have blogs and Facebook pages where they'll leave their reviews. The paperback version of my books are still available on the sites of your competitors, where they'll also leave reviews. As for your site, all I need to do is quote them in the EDITORIAL REVIEW section.

Hopefully your marketing team will meet again soon and come up with a better strategy. 


Russell Brooks.