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Thursday, October 1, 2009

I am so happy to hear this boy say this N-Word

I am so happy to hear this boy say the N-WordBlack. African-American. These are two common names that are used to describe men and women of African descent. Negro—meaning black in Portuguese and Spanish—was a term that was more commonly used during the Civil Rights era, but less today. However the word Nigger, or its derivation, Nigga, are still widely used. It is disturbing that those two words are still popular in today’s culture. I am not referring to the white supremacists or other racists who deliberately use the word to degrade black people, I am specifically referring to black people that use those words amongst themselves. This habbit has even prompted people from other racial backgrounds to use the word. Not out of malice, but in order to sound cool. One does not have to go far to observe how much the word is still in circulation. One could simply peruse social websites. Many profiles contain the N-word. The sad truth is that most of the individuals that use the N-word in a friendly way among their friends, are clueless as to the true meaning of the word. These same people will continue to use the word without realizing how they are insulting themselves.
This is why I am so happy to see this young black man repeatedly say the N-word.

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