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Friday, September 25, 2009

Presidential Testosterone. Obama shows Italy's PM Berlesconi who's really packing the bigger D*ck

Holy Presidential Testosterone, Batman! Obama shows Italy's PM who's really packing the bigger D*ck!

In a moment rarely seen, President Obama made it clear to Italian Prime Minister, Sylvio Berlesconi, that he would not be kissing his wife, Michelle. Assuming a role that was better suited for one of his secret service agents, Obama stood between the accused sex addict and his wife--thwarting Berlesconi's attempts at making physical contact with Ms Obama.

Unlike other world leaders who had gathered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for a pre-G20 summit dinner, Berlesconi attended the event alone. This is not a surprise considering that the Italian PM is in the middle of a divorce and has faced several allegations of improper sexual behaviour. This would include having an improper relationship with 18-year-old lingerie model, Noemi Letiza.

On a side note, a source of mine has told me that former US President, Bill Clinton, has given up hope of attempting a similar maneuver.

As many would have guessed, I could not help myself from going into author mode. If a novel had this scene, I would suspect that it would probably go something like this:

Don't even think about it, Obama thought as his Italian counterpart extended both of

his arms to receive Michelle. The nerve of you thinking that you can touch my wife. You've only had your hands all over every woman that has walked into your house and God knows where else.

Obama shot a col
d stare at his angel, one that Michelle was very familiar with. It was the same stare Joe Biden had gotten to know all too well whenever he fucked up a press conference. No. She wouldn't be the source of a humiliating moment for him. He will not allow his true love to unknowingly set him up--making him easy prey for sadistic vultures such as Limbaugh, O'Reilly, and Beck.

His angel paused, smiled, and extended her hand to Berlesconi under his watchful eye.
They shook hands and Michelle retreated.

Obama glanced at the Italian's defeated expression one last time as he and his angel walked away, letting his hand slide down just above the swell of her sensual booty.

Obama smiled the billion-dollar smile that made him one of the most loved public figures in the world. His smile grew just as his hand fell a bit lower onto that tight muscular booty. It took him everything to resist the urge to squeeze.


It was such a distraction, but it didn't make him lose the smile. Naw, he was just glad knowing that the old Italian pervert saw just how big his hand really was.

To be continued. . .

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