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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Knockout Game Turns Deadly as Grandma Shoots Teens. She then celebrates by Twerking over her victims.

Many of you by now would've heard about a trending game called Knockout, where the goal is to sneak up on an unsuspecting pedestrian and knock them unconscious with a single punch. In many cases, the bonus would be to steal the victim's valuables. As I mentioned in a previous post, I'm sickened at seeing youths behave in such a callous manner for the sake of amusement. Many stories, no doubt, have arisen. Unfortunately, some of them are fake.

One such fake story is of a 60-year old woman, named Beulah Montgomery. The story claims that after being punched, she grabbed her gun and shot two of the victims as they attempted to flee. This story has gone viral, setting off emotions of thousands of gullible readers. I saw the post on a buddy's Facebook page, and when I read it and then the comments below, I couldn't help but laugh. I left a comment on his page, listing the reasons as to why this story is an obvious fake.

The first clue was that neither the actual date nor the time of the so-called incident was mentioned. The location, such as the street intersection, nor the city, and the state were left out. As for the so-called Neighborhood Watch program this woman allegedly belong to, that was also missing. It was mentioned that two teens out of the seven were killed. But how old were they? And what were their names?

The most obvious hint that this story is fake is that it wasn't even covered by the mainstream media.

Real news stories always answer the who, what, where, when, why, and the how. This article didn't answer three of them. My advice to you, as I gave to my Facebook buddy, is that when you see a trendy story, don't let your emotions take over and buy into it without reading it objectively.

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