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Friday, January 18, 2013

I May Fight Like An Amateur, But I'll Kick Your Ass Like A Pro.

When I wrote Pandora's Succession and Unsavory Delicacies, it involved a lot of research. Being limited in my knowledge of martial arts, it was important to consult with the experts who'd help me get CIA operative, Ridley Fox, out of many tight situations. Whether it was taking on former KGB operatives, the occasional Russian Mafia thug, or even a woman he once stood up on a date, the fight scenes had to be realistic. Tackling these two projects involved knowing that my audience will not only be the average thriller fan, but also readers who have a background in self-defense who'd .

Wim Demeere is one of two experts I consulted with who was generous enough to take some time from his busy schedule to help me. Check him out.

And for those who were wondering, Ridley Fox will be back this year.

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