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Friday, July 1, 2011

What do you know, Maybe the rest of the world wants to live in the 21st Century.

Author Jeff Rivera.
It's been barely a week since a groundbreaking decision was made in New York State that allows homosexuals the right to marry. I would like to share with you another victory for a same-sex couple in the country of Costa Rica.

In my previous blog post, I asked for everyone's help to support my friend and literary associate, Jeff Rivera, and his partner, Giovanni Alexander Delgado Castro, in their fight against a casino. Apparently the casino staff had threatened the couple that they would be escorted from the premises after they were spotted touching their hands while they were seated at one of their tables. I want to thank all of you that took one minute out of your busy schedules to send emails to the Costa Rican authorities expressing your disaproval with the way Rivera and Castro were treated. According to Rivera's Website, they received overwhelming support from all over the planet. Furthermore, a victory of this nature has never been won in Costa Rica.

For both Canadians and Americans who are and will be celebrating the respective birth of their nations on July 1 and 4th, this will also be a time to celebrate a victory against hatred and intolerance.

Russell Brooks is the author of Pandora's Succession.

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