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Monday, May 2, 2011

Paperback release

On the eve of the worst bioweapons attack the world will ever know, the only person Ridley Fox could trust to help him stop it, is the woman he nearly got killed.

Pandora's Succession

by Russell Brooks

Now out in paperback.

Advance purchase here.

Since Lee Child exploded on the scene in March of '97 we have seen a spate of enigmatic, no-nonsense action heroes, I see no reason why Russell can't continue in this tradition and develop Ridley Fox as a character – dependent on Brooks of course!
Milo's Rambles

I love action movies, such as "Bourne Identity", but I've never really read one. This was my first and I was absolutely strapped in for the ride of my life!
Reader Recommended

A pretty cool espionage thriller with a few surprises tossed into the mix.
Knitting and Sundries

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